What Are The Appropriate Operating Steps For The Valve?

- Dec 23, 2020-

What are the appropriate operating steps for the valve?

The valve is in the liquid system software. The mechanical equipment used to manipulate the position, working pressure, and total flow of the liquid is the mechanical equipment that allows the fluidity or termination of the compound in the electrical wiring and industrial equipment and can manipulate the total flow. The valve is a liquid The key automatic control system in the transportation system software.


   1. Sufficient preparation for operation steps


  Before operating the process valve, please read the operation manual carefully. The operation steps must be clear about the introduction of steam, and pay attention to check the valve opening and closing signs. Check the appearance of the valve to see if the valve is wet or cold. If it is wet or cold, it must be resolved by dryness; if you find other problems, you must handle them properly, and you can't bring difficult operation procedures.


    If it is a pneumatic valve that has been out of service for more than 3 months, check the clutch before starting. After establishing the rocker controller in the manual position, check the motor's insulating sleeve, changer and electrical equipment route.

 2. Moderate operation steps of the valve


  The valve has undergone a pressure test and uniformity before installation. When the valve is operating for a long time, the personnel in the operation process should pay attention to the inspection of the valve. During the inspection, the person bypasses the valve import and export trade, inspects the valve seal, pulls the valve of the wrench by hand, and opens it once a period of time. In addition to stains, check the flexibility of the valve.


   3. Appropriate valve operation steps


The    valve is a valve that is very easy to be blocked by dirt such as water stains. When opening, first open the flush valve and clear the pipeline. If there is a bypass valve tube, the intake valve can be opened for temporary clearance. For steam traps that do not have