What Are The Common Issues When Applying Valves?

- Nov 22, 2020-

What are the common issues when applying valves?

Author: Fucheng County PENGDA machinery Source: valve manufacturers Published: 2020-11-18 09:21 Views: 98

  ①When the valve is stored and transported, the pressure of the airtight prefabricated component is reduced, which will cause the screw and screw cap to loosen. In order to better avoid the resulting leakage, tighten each screw as much as possible before use


  ②When using steam and other high-temperature liquids, the pressure of the airtight prefabricated component is reduced, and the tightened screws will become loose due to heat, resulting in leakage. Therefore, the loose screws should be tightened immediately


  ③It is forbidden to perform tightening work under the condition of punching, otherwise it will damage the airtight prefabricated components. The tightening work should be carried out after the pressure in the pipeline recovers.

        ④ The parts that need to be tightened should be maintained at a certain level and reinforced with even force. Otherwise, the airtight prefabricated components will be damaged, or the torque at the main switch of the remote pole power supply will increase sharply.


  When carrying out pipeline construction, such as freezing and water splashing, certain effective preventive measures and preventive measures should be taken immediately.