What Are The Levels Of Difficult Installation Problems Of Flange Gate Valves?

- Dec 24, 2020-

What are the levels of difficult installation problems of flange gate valves?

 The check valve of flange gate valve is divided into three types: anchor bolt check valve, welded check valve and its working pressure self-tightening check valve. The main feature of the valve is that the dark rod has a support frame, and the overall oil passage plate is a flange.


    The design scheme of the thick-bottomed high-pressure gate valve reduces the working pressure of the liquid and makes the commodity circulation companies unimpeded. Drinking water, wastewater, engineering construction, food companies, power engineering installation projects, pharmaceuticals, steel industry, cotton textiles, energy supply and other liquid pipelines can be used as adjustment and interception machinery and equipment applications.


  Difficult problems with flange gate valve installation:


  1. Do a good job of eliminating the inside of the shut-off valve before installation, and there should be no residue in the valve cavity and protruding surface layer.


  2. Tighten the anchor bolts connecting each position firmly and evenly.

3. Check whether the position of the filling material is tight, to ensure the tightness of the filling material, and its shut-off valve to facilitate the power switch.


  4. Check the valve model specifications, model specifications and other information before installation, and the compound introduction should be consistent with the required introduction as much as possible.


  5. During installation, a certain amount of interior space design plan should be added to save time and effort to shut off the operation process of the valve control panel.


   6. Strictly follow the route map signs, and carry out layout adjustments to the wiring of the control panel machinery and equipment.


  7. After installation, try to maintain the maintenance on time.