What Are The Market Demands In The Application Field Of Grooved Gate Valves?

- Nov 21, 2020-

What are the market demands in the application field of grooved gate valves?

 According to the differences in the main application sites, effects and actual meanings of grooved gate valves, the application fields of pressure regulators in China are divided into three situations: market sales, mid-market sales and mid- and low-end market sales.


  (1) Market demand status of market sales

The market sales of grooved gate valves in pressure regulating valve products are based on overseas first-line brands and professional brand products. The products are mainly used to automate the entire process of large and small industrial production with high product reliability and pertinence. Equipment machinery equipment,


   (2) The market demand situation of mid-market sales

  Some overseas large, medium and small water conservancy control valve companies with second-tier well-known brands have already entered this part of the market for their products because of well-known brands and price factors. With the current professional ability of new product development, specification and model selection, and past accumulated application work experience, the company has made the products have adaptability and credibility, and can also provide support for foreign-funded enterprises and Sino-foreign cooperation in various production and processing industries. Accepted by companies and some large, medium and small enterprises for important parts and places with relatively low credibility regulations.


  (3) The market demand situation of sales in the low-end market

The professional capabilities of products are relatively complete, and the trend toward simplification is more serious. Because of the strong market competitiveness in terms of price, in addition to the small and medium-sized enterprises in various production and processing industries in my country, some products are first imported and exported after being verified overseas. The direction of development is to merge into new regions, or import and export to Europe in