ZFV Ball Valve 6’’ Class 300 Trunnion Mounted Type CS Material Pass The Final Inspection

- Mar 14, 2021-

ZFV Ball Valve 6’’ class 300 trunnion mounted type CS material pass the final inspection & ready for delivery.


Refer to below for detail technical data :

Ball valve, type trunnion mounted ball with upper stem supported, class rate 300Lb, lockable gearbox with handwheel operation, split body ( two piece ) construct, which is generally used for middle and low pressure condition construct. the valve is full bore type, which provide excellent flow rate. Flanged end raised face, flange finishing with serrated face. fire-safe design, with anti-static device spring supported stainless steel small ball, also is blow-out proof stem design. The ball valve is double block and bleed function design. and stem & seat grease injection fitting. With bleed plug and vent plug. Main part material body and bonnet ASTM A216 WCB, ball ASTM A182 F316, seat ASTM A182 F316, prime sealing NYLON, stem SS A276 316, seat spring Inconel X-750, packing graphite, bolt and nut ASTM A193 B7 & A194 2H.   


Mainly technical standards include :

Design and manufactured standard: API6D

Valve face to face dimension : API6D & ANSI B16.10

End flange dimension : ANSI B16.5

Test and inspection : API6D

Temperature and pressure rate : ASME B16.34

Fire safe design : API 6FA

Painting standard: 2 layers systems: prime coating and finishing coating , the finishing coating color is blue color.


The casting steel trunnion ball valve is carried out hydrostatic testing as per standard API6D. shell testing and closure testing by hydro and air .

The shell testing pressure rate 7.5Mpa by hydro

The high pressure closure testing pressure rate 5.5Mpa by hydro

The low pressure closure testing pressure rate 0.6Mpa by air

The testing result is acceptable and no visual leakage found during hydro testing and air testing.

The mill testing certificate provided to customer along with ball valve.


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