ZFV Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel DN80 Wafer Ends Finished And Ready

- Aug 16, 2020-

ZFV Butterfly valve stainless steel DN80 wafer ends finished and ready


Kindly refer to below butterfly valve data :

Triple eccentric butterfly valve, size DN80, pressure rate PN16, connecting type wafer , clamped between two flanges. main material is stainless steel: body AISI304, the disc AISI304, stem AISI304, seat PTFE, The butterfly valve valve shall be operated by pneumatic actuator.  

The butterfly valve shall be installed between flange as per standad GOST 33259, the valve shall be tested and inspected by water for shell and high pressure seat sealing, as per international standard.


For the stainless steel valve, no requirement about painting.

The butterfly valve was tested, no visual leakage found during hydro testing and air testing, meet requirement of GOST 9544-A class. dimemsions checking and function checking result is ok .

The detail value of hydro-static is as below :

Shell testing: by hydro-static ( water ) with 3.0Mpa

High pressure closure testing : by hydro-static ( water ) with 2.2Mpa

Low pressure closure testing : by air with 0.6Mpa.


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