ZFV Company Has Introduced A Metal To Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

- Jul 08, 2018-

Profesional butterfly valve manufacturer ZFV company has introduced a metal to metal seated butterfly valve. 

Comparing the concentric butterfly valve with rubber seat & PTFE seat valve, metal to metal seated butterfly valve have more advantages , higher using temperature up to 650 degree C, better anti-abrasion performance, which providing a excellent performances. 


Below metal to metal seated butterfly valve is 4inch , pressure rate ANSI class 300. Produced with material body stainless steel A351 CF8,  disc A351 CF8, seat SS304 hard faced, disc sealing hard faced samely. The valve is produced accordance with API609 standard, flange dimension acc. to ASME B16.5, testing acc. to API 598. The valve is bare shaft without actuator, top flange dimension as per user's request, user shall match actuator by themself. 


ZFV is a professional butterfly valve manufacturer, ZFV test and inspect every valve , each valve we delivered passed our quality inspection. Beside finishing butterfly valve photos, we provide quality test certificates to customers. ZFV welcome any customer to our factory , to take part in valve inspection. If need, customer may nominate third part inspector to come to our factory to witness testing, we assist inspector finish all procedures necessary .


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