ZFV Electric Operated Concentric Butterfly Valve Ready For Shipment.

- Mar 07, 2021-

ZFV electric operated concentric butterfly valve ready for shipment.


As per below detail description for the soft seat butterfly valve :DN250 rate PN16 type wafer end, clamped between flanges, the flange standard GOST 33259, the valve is motorize electric actuator operated, material body material ductile iron, disc material stainless steel CF8, shaft material stainless steel. The actuator is 380V / 50Hz / 3ph, no explosion-proof option, open / close type, with integrated limit switches, integrated torque switches, with manual override, IP67, for -40degree C, with cable gland .


Main technical standard as below :

The face to face length 64mm, and flange dimension as per GOST 33259, test and inspection as per EN12266-1.


No special requirement about painting needed, here use standard painting with color RAL5002 .


The butterfly valve was carried out hydro testing strictly as per international standard EN12266-1 and result is ok, no visual leakage found during hydro testing and air testing. Electric actuator function test is acceptable, too.


ZFV ( Zhejiang zhengfeng valve co., ltd ) is a professional butterfly valve  manufacturer, can produce varies kind of material include ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel etc to satisfy customer from the worldwide.

 electric operated butterfly valve  delivery 1


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