ZFV Stainless Steel AISI 321 Ball Valve Ready For Delivery

- Oct 18, 2020-

The detail datasheet as below :

Ball valve floating ball type, 2 piece construct, full bore, DN50, PN16,  flanged end, flange with raised face, valve material stainless steel: body and bonnet AISI321, ball and stem AISI321, seat PTFE, the ball valve is manual operated with handle lever. AISI321 is better than normal stainless steel such as AISI304, AISI321 include special chemical element “Ti” which is better for corrosive medium .


The ball valve is inspected by water for shell and high pressure seat sealing, as per STD API598 .


The ball valve was tested, no visual leakage found during hydro testing, meet requirement of API598 . dimension checking and function checking result is acceptable. material checking result is meet requirement of material standard.  

The detail value of hydro-static is as below :

Shell testing 1.5times of nominal pressure : by hydro-static ( water ) with 2.4Mpa

High pressure closure testing 1.1time of nominal pressure: by hydro-static ( water ) with 1.76Mpa


The counter-flange sets also included along with valve as per user’s requirement. It’s more convenient for user that user can install the valve to pipeline using the counter-flanges.

  AISI 321 ball valve

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