ZFV Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Seat EPDM Type Is Ready

- Dec 29, 2019-

ZFV Triple offset butterfly valve seat EPDM type is ready   


Generally the triple offset butterfly valve seat material can be PTFE, SS304(SS316, duplex stainless steel or other)+graphite. The seat material can also be rubber as per customer’s request.

Please see below technical data for EPDM seat type TOV :

Nominal diameter is DN600, low pressure rate PN6, connecting type double flange end, triple offset / eccentric consturct. The valve is bare shaft type without actuator, top flange dimension as per customer’s request. The valve can be on-off function or adjusting function. Carbon steel material: body ASTM A216 WCB, disc ASTM A216 WCB, seal on disc is EPDM, container ring is stainless steel


Themainly techinical standards :

Design and manufactured according to EN593 

Flange drilling according to EN1092-1


The valve have two system painting, which is general painting standard. The prime painting and also top painting. Finishing painting is blue color, and the inner surface of butterfly valve ( include surface of disc and stem ) is while color. We applied painting to disc and stem for better anti-corrosive performance. Top flange painting color same as finish painting of body surface.

The EPDM triple offset butterfly vlave was inspected strictly as per standard, no visual leakage found for shell testing and closure testing, by hydrostatic and air. Dimemsion of flange and face to face checking ok, valve function checking ok. .

The value of testing pressure :

For shell testeing , 0.9Mpa by water .

For high pressure closure esting , 0.66Mpa by water.

For low pressure closure testing. 0.6Mpa by air .


ZFV ( Zhejiang zhengfeng valve co., ltd ) produce various type of triple offset butterfly valves, to meet different requirements of customer . Welcome to customers over the world.


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