ZFV Wafer Type Triple Offset Butterfly Valve For High Temperature Have Finished And Ready For Delivering

- Mar 28, 2021-

ZFV wafer type triple offset butterfly valve for High Temperature have finished and ready for delivering


Please see below for detail data:

Size PN200, pressure rate PN10, wafer type, clamping between flanges according to EN1092-1, the valve is three eccentric type. The butterfly valve is used for high temperature with radiator design. The material body material stainless steel A351 CF8, disc material stainless steel A351 CF8, stem SS, disc sealing ring SS304+graphite laminated.


The technical standards as below:

EN593 for design and manufactured , face to face dimension as per EN 558, end flanges drilling as per EN1092-1, test and inspection as per EN 12266-1.


The valve applied painting for high temperature as per request : prime coating and finishing coating,Outside surface body coating color with blue. Coating dry film thickness as per MFR’s STD.


The valve was carried out hydro testing as per international standard strictly, no visual leakage found during testing.

The detail testing pressure and duration as below :

2.0Mpa by water for shell testing, duration 120s.

1.1Mpa by water for high pressure seat testing, duration 120s.

0.6Mpa by air for low pressure seat testing, duration 120s.  

The valve can be open and close smoothly under pressure, valve function is ok.


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