ANSI API Wcb CF8m 150lb 300# Flanged Metal Seated Gate Valve Brass Valve Ball Valve Butterfly Valve Dual Check Valve

ANSI API Wcb CF8m 150lb 300# Flanged Metal Seated Gate Valve Brass Valve Ball Valve Butterfly Valve Dual Check Valve

Metal to Metal Butterfly Valve
* Nominal Diameter : 12'' (DN300)
* Rate : ANSI Class 150#
* Connecting Way : Wafer ends

Product Details

We continue to use advanced technology and technology at home and abroad, so that our DIN Butterfly Valve, 300LB LUG Butterfly Valve, EN Butterfly Valve is constantly updated, scaled up in production, and high in quality. The company has a professional training team that regularly conducts professional training for construction personnel. We review the current situation, actively explore new development paths, innovate profit models, and always insist on becoming stronger and growing together with customers. We take 'integrity, friendliness, responsibility, awe' as our core values. With high-quality products and excellent services, we have had a happy cooperation with many customers at home and abroad.

Basic Information】:

Metal to Metal Butterfly Valve with sealing ring and valve seat, the whole metal forging process, spraying stellite or a variety of sealing materials, more suitable for working conditions. After the paint is sprayed, the sealing parts are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and have high sealing performance.

The Butterfly Valve is scientifically made of new technology, new technology and high-quality materials, which makes the valve highly reliable, reduces and avoids maintenance during use, has a long service life, and has good use efficiency and social benefits.


Product Features】:

1. Metal to Metal Butterfly Valve is reasonable and reliable. The shaft and valve plate are tightly assembled and then mechanically fastened with pins.

2. The butterfly valve body can choose a telescopic structure. The valve body can be extended and shortened. It can automatically compensate the axial displacement and small amount of misalignment and deflection generated by the pipeline.

3. The sealing ring is evenly pressed and the sealing performance is reliable.

4. The Metal to Metal Butterfly Valve adopts eccentric sealing structure,when closed which reduces the friction between the sealing surfaces and makes the valve durable.

ZFVALVES Advantages】:

*We have raw material suppliers with long-term relationships with us to provide us with quality raw materials.

*We have advanced equipment to guarantee the manufacture of valves.

*We have experienced staff who design and manufacture high quality valves

ZFV has professional QC personnel who are able to ensure that all valves we supply are 100% inspected prior to shipment. If required by the customer, any third party inspector can be nominated for inspection and testing to witness each procedure for valve production. “Quality First” is our commitment to all customers forever.


We also have a number of experienced staff with rich professional knowledge and many years of production and management experience, so that our ANSI API Wcb CF8m 150lb 300# Flanged Metal Seated Gate Valve Brass Valve Ball Valve Butterfly Valve Dual Check Valve are constantly improving. We always consider our customers, meet their individual needs, and create products with reliable performance. We keep adding new products, and ensure the company's economic benefits long-term development.


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