Customized 1/4 Inch-4 Inch Brass Forged Mini Ball Valve Supplier

Customized 1/4 Inch-4 Inch Brass Forged Mini Ball Valve Supplier

* Size : 6inch
* Pressure : Class 300LB
* Connection : R.F Flange ends
* Operation : Gearbox operator
* Design and manufacture as per API6D
* Face to face dimension ANSI B16.10

Product Details

With professional technology, we have developed Lug Type Butterfly Valve, EN Butterfly Valve, API 609 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with multiple performance and multiple styles, and each product has excellent quality. We have been pursuing to provide customers with products with quality, reasonable price and service in place. Our products are produced with the best raw materials. We actively assume social responsibility and fulfill our commitment to the sustainable development of society. And then E-mail us your specifications or inquiries today.

【Product Introduction】

Forged steel ball valve not only has a wide range of materials, but also the color of internal parts is made of nickel plated 316 material on the surface, and the sealing ring is made of special polymer material. 

The valve is not only anticorrosive, anti sulfurization, fire-proof, anti-static, and good sealing performance, with a wide range of operating pressure and temperature, complete full bore and reduced bore, and can be equipped with a variety of driving devices. It is an ideal valve selection for chemical and oil torch refining, natural gas production and transmission systems.

ZFV Forged Ball Valve

* Ball valve 6‘’-300LB

* Operation : Gearbox

* Structure : Trunnion Mounted type

* Side entry, RB

* Fire safe design, anti-static device

* Seal Structure : double block and bleed function, soft seal

* Application : oil gas pipeline application

* Painting applied as per technical requirement with finishing color white

* No Need Extended Stem

* Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 280°C

* Suitale Pressure 250Bar / 25Mpa

* Material : body ASTM A105, ball ASTM A182 F316, Soft sealing


Working Principle

Forged Ball Valve is a valve with a spherical disc that controls the flow through it. The ball has a port through the middle so that when the port is aligned with the ends of the valve, the flow will pass through the valve. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the end of the valve and the flow is blocked.

The trunnion mounted ball valve has additional mechanical anchoring at the top and bottom of the Forged Ball Valve for larger and higher pressure service. To ensure a tight seal at low pressure, a high tension spring forces the seat against the ball, while at higher pressures, the medium pressure pushes the upstream seat toward the ball.

We are dedicated to provide high-quality services to users at home and abroad to meet the new demand for Customized 1/4 Inch-4 Inch Brass Forged Mini Ball Valve Supplier. We focus on high-quality products, and win more customers with more favorable prices and timely and convenient services. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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