Dn80-ANSI-Class-300 EPDM Semi Lug Style Cast-Steel Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve

Dn80-ANSI-Class-300 EPDM Semi Lug Style Cast-Steel Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve

* Nominal Diameter: 24inch
* Class Pressure: 300LB
* Connection type: LUG ends
* Operator way: Gear opreated
* Suitable Temperature : -29℃ ~ 420℃
* Design standard: as per API609

Product Details

We produce incomparable High Performance Butterfly Valve, 24 Inch Butterfly Valve, API 609 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with our advanced manufacturing technology, high-precision production equipment, and strict testing methods. Detailed data can be obtained in our web page and you'll be served with good quality consultant service by our after-sale team. Our after-sales service tenet is to respect customers and serve customers. We encourage innovation, dare to change and never fear to face difficulties. Our company has large inventory, complete products, and guarantees logistics supplies for customers.

【Product Introduction

Zhengfeng vlave is a professional High pressure butterfly valve factory.Our main product LUG style butterfly valve is one kind of component used to realize on-off and flow control of pipeline system, which has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, metallurgy, hydropower, etc.

In order to improve the ability of anti erosion and wear of ultra-high pressure valves, anti erosion materials are usually selected.For materials used in high pressure valves, heat treatment and surface hardening are usually used to improve their extrusion and erosion resistance.

【Application Range】

* Valve Diameter: 2‘’~64‘’,DN50~DN1800

* Valve Pressure: 150LB~600LB,PN6~PN100

* Connection type:Flange、Wafer、LUG、Butt weld

* Main Material: Cast steel、Stainless steel、Duplex steel、Monel、etc..

* Operator way: Lever o.p、Gearbox、Electric actuator、Pneumatic actuator...

* Design features: Composite materials adhered by multilayer-metal and Graphite

* Design standard:API 609 、 EN593 、 GOST12815、JB8527、JIS B2002


【ZFV Seat Features

If the system requires a higher temperature, We zhengfeng valves has two types metal seated , the one is sealing seat graphite and graphite laminated, the other one is metal to metal sealing.

The high temperature butterfly valve body with lined disc and seat is made of duplex stainless steel or other alloy steel which suitable for high temperature, the sealing surface overlay wear resistanced material, and the shaft is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. High temperature butterfly valve has good performance of high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

We will continue to manufacture the best Dn80-ANSI-Class-300 EPDM Semi Lug Style Cast-Steel Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve in the industry that will delight our customers and make our employees incredibly proud of their work. Relying on superior quality and excellent post-sales, our products sell well all over the world. Our company pays attention to customer service, creates a set of fast and perfect customer service process and system and perfect after-sales system to provide customers with thoughtful and timely service.


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