En593 Extension Stem Cast Iron Double Offset Wafer Bare Shaft Butterfly Inlet Valve for Chemical DN800

En593 Extension Stem Cast Iron Double Offset Wafer Bare Shaft Butterfly Inlet Valve for Chemical DN800

* Size : DN350
* Pressure : PN16
* Connection Type : Wafer ends
* Main part Material :A351-CF8
* Pneumatic Actuator
* Valve Structure : Double Offset

Product Details

We adopt a serious and rigorous business attitude, and we recommend only the most suitable Bronze Butterfly Valve, Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, 300LB LUG Butterfly Valve for customers, so as to maximize processing efficiency and reduce processing costs. We take on the mission of the times with the sense of corporate social responsibility. Our market share in similar brands accounts for a large part and it is the most influential brand in the industry.

【Mian Introduction】:

High Performance Double offset butterfly valves are mainly suitable for drainage of water plants, power plants, steel mills, smelting, chemical industry, water source engineering, environmental facilities construction and other systems, especially for water pipelines, as regulating and closing equipment. 

During the opening or closing of the valve, the disc sealing surface will gradually deviate and gradually press into the seat sealing surface, thereby reducing the mechanical wear and damage of the butterfly valve and the valve seat during opening or closing,the sealing performance and service life of the butterfly valve will be greatly improved.

【Production Performance】:

* Design standard as per: API 609, ASME B16.34, EN593, JB/T 8527.

* Small installation space, light weight, and maintenance friendly;

* Good sealing effect and long service life;

* Good flow adjusting ability, high precision of flow characteristic curve and good dynamic adjustment stability;

* For soft seat the leakage rate: ANSI B 16.104 VI.

* Used for special working conditions, including vacuum and oxygen working conditions.


【ZFVALVE Quality Control】:

Quality inspection and inspection of Gear Butterfly Valve:-ZFV tests and inspects every valve, and every valve we deliver passes our quality inspection. In addition to completing the butterfly valve photo, we also provide customers with a quality test certificate.ZFV welcomes any customer to come to our factory to participate in valve inspection.

If required, the customer can nominate a third party inspector to come to our factory to witness the test, we assist the inspector to complete all necessary procedures.We should conduct comprehensive testing and inspection according to customer requirements and standard requirements. If customers have any special requirements, we will deal with them accordingly.

Our mission should be to create imaginative products to prospects with a excellent knowledge for En593 Extension Stem Cast Iron Double Offset Wafer Bare Shaft Butterfly Inlet Valve for Chemical DN800. For more than ten years experience in this filed, our company has gained high reputation from home and abroad. All things in the world are made great and noble because of responsibility. Therefore, we have always regarded responsibility as the cornerstone of our company's ethics and behavior.
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