High Performance Electric 2 Way Butterfly Valve

High Performance Electric 2 Way Butterfly Valve

* Nominal Diameter : DN150
* Pressure : PN25
* Connecting Way : Wafer type
* Operation : Gear Operated
* Primarily used for media off control

Product Details

Over the years, our company's products have been widely praised by users, and customer satisfaction has been increasing year by year. We take the development of the Pneumatic Ball Valve, Flanged Butterfly Valve, Gear Butterfly Valve industry as our responsibility and serve our customers wholeheartedly. Since establishment, we have been recognized by many users with high-quality service and pragmatic spirit. Further more company, the trust is getting there. Our company relies on the customer demand first, thoughtful service becomes the wind vane of the industry and wins the trust of the majority of customers. We provide customers with a complete product range and timely supply procurement platform, and strictly controlling product quality.

【Product Introduction】:

High performance Butterfly Valve is one of high flow butterfly valve,ZFVALVES is a professional butterfly valve manufacturer in WENZHOU city. Our product has a small size and light weight, and has a self-cleaning function between the plug and the valve seat. Therefore, it is very suitable for viscous fiber media and media containing suspended solid particles. Due to the low thermal expansion caused by temperature, the Butterfly Valve has good sealing performance.

【Product features】 :

* Model : DOBFV DN150-PN25

* Connecting Way : Wafer type

* Main Material : A351 CF8

* PTFE Seated

* Operation : Gear Operated

* Face to face length : 70mm

* Application : Chemical Industry

* Valve Structure : high performance type

* Work Temperature : -29°C ~ 170°C

* Suitable Medium : Water, Oil, gas, powder

* Origin : CHINA.

* Supplying Mode : OEM production

* EN 10204-3.1 certificate : Yes

401_01ACM ISO9001英文

【ZFVALVES valve operation way】:

* Manual handle operator

* Speed reducer Gearbox

* Worm gear with handwheel operator

* Electric actuator operator

* Pneumatic actuator operator

* Electro Pneumatic Actuator for Remote

* Hydraulic operator

Double offset BFV is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical fiber, slurry, pharmaceutical, hydropower and other industries to meet the remote control requirements of process parameters such as fluid pressure.

We have a progressive heart and outstanding technical personnel. We will provide a variety of High Performance Electric 2 Way Butterfly Valve for customers all over the world. Quality is the key to determine the quality of products and also the most fundamental needs of customers. We have state-of-the-art tools.
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