Tilting Disc Check/butterfly Valve, GGG40/DUCTILE iron, CASTING, WITH HAMMER, BS5155/EN/DIN/ASME

Tilting Disc Check/butterfly Valve, GGG40/DUCTILE iron, CASTING, WITH HAMMER, BS5155/EN/DIN/ASME

* Size: DN250
* Pressure: PN16
* Connection : Wafer type
* Operation : bare shaft with top flange
* Design standard: EN593
* Cv figure in full open position : 2500

Product Details

We endeavor to improve customers' satisfaction with our High Performance Butterfly Valve, Flanged Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic Ball Valve and services in order to increase the market share of our brand. The quality inspection, warehouse management and sales person in charge will check the quantity and quality of the ordered products carefully. Our pursuit and enterprise goal is to 'Always satisfy our customer requirements'. Our global sales and service network spreads all over the world to ensure that our goods are delivered to customers in the shortest possible time. We promote rapid enterprise growth with product line expansion and organic extension of the industrial chain.

【Product Introduction】:

EN Wafer type Butterfly valve is one of the main products of our ZFVALVES.The design dimension as per EN593,Ends flange as per EN1092-1.Wafer Butterfly valve is simple in structure and light in weight.And only 90° rotation can be quickly opened and closed, simple operation, and the valve has good fluid control characteristics. EN Butterfly valve is not only widely used in petroleum, gas, chemical industry and water treatment, but also used in the cooling water system of thermal power stations.Valves of this type shall generally be installed horizontally in pipelines.


【ZFV Butterfly Valve Seated】:

ZFV triple offset butterfly valve, body and seat can be integral structure and the valve seat is eccentrically machined,seating surface surfacing cemented carbide, The precision requirement of its processing is very high. Before surfacing, the sealing surface of the valve seat should be roughly machined, and the thickness after roughing should ensure the thickness of the welding layer after finishing.ZFVALVES has more than 20 years of butterfly valve production experience,provide customers with professional pipeline solutions.


Our Service】:

ZFVALVES is one of the professional butterfly valve manufacturers. We produce high quality flange butterfly valves, wafer end butterfly valves, lug butterfly valves, butt welding butterfly valves.

- Available manufacturing standards include API, DIN, JIS, GOST, EN, ISO, GB, etc. Special standard valves can also be produced according to customer orders.

- Available pressure rates include 150 - 1500, PN6 - PN150

- Available sizes from 2" to 80", DN50 - DN2000.

- Available materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and the like.

With strong strength and excellent quality assurance, our company is gradually developing into China's most powerful Tilting Disc Check/butterfly Valve, GGG40/DUCTILE iron, CASTING, WITH HAMMER, BS5155/EN/DIN/ASME brand with great momentum. We use strict and scientific process and management methods to ensure that all products provided to customers are qualified. We are committed to maintaining a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationship with our customers.


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