Wcb/CF8 CF8m/CF3/CF3m API 150lb, 300lb, 600lb Two Offset /Double Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valves Motorized

Wcb/CF8 CF8m/CF3/CF3m API 150lb, 300lb, 600lb Two Offset /Double Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valves Motorized

1. When opening or closing, there is no friction between the disc and the sealing surfaceof the Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve;
2. The valve can be installed in any location;
3. Zero leakage design;

Product Details

We will provide customers with high-quality Lug Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, Low Temperature Butterfly Valve and satisfactory services with honest and trustworthy, convenient and efficient operation methods and strict management. We hope to continuously improve the quality of service, provide the highest standard products for global users and become the market leader. With the growing of the company, now our products sold and served at many countries around the world.

【Product Introduction】:

Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve shown in the figure is a worm gear made of carbon steel material. The seat sealing material can be a full metal ring, and can be made of a graphite type laminated metal, which is elastic. The PTFE seat seal is a flexible seat butterfly valve. This seat can be design and produced as zero leakage type and suitable for corrosive medium.It is easy to produce and costs less than all metal seat butterfly valves.

【Application Of PTFE Seal-ring】:

PTFE people aslo call it Teflon.It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance and other characteristics.Resistant to the corrosion of almost all chemicals, but by molten alkali metal erosion. ZFVALVES Butterfly valve often uses PTFE as the valve seal-ring.PTFE has become the main corrosion resistant material in petroleum, chemical and textile industries due to its excellent corrosion resistance.As Seal ring the working temperature is -29℃~150℃.

*  PTFE Mechanical property:

   σb (MPa):20.7~27.5

   δ5 (%):250~350

   αk (J/cm2):>98.1


* Thermal properties:

   Distortion temperature:1.86MPa:55℃; 0.46MPa:120℃

   Martin temperature:250℃


How to choose the right Butterfly valve】:

1) According to the nature of the working medium: working pressure, working temperature, corrosion performance, whether it contains solid particles, whether the medium is toxic etc to choosing the right material.

2) Installation size and dimensions: nominal diameter, connection to pipe and connection dimensions, dimensions or weight restrictions.

3) Select the appropriate operation mode according to the actual situation.

4) The maximum and minimum flow requirements; pressure drop for normal flow; pressure drop at shutdown; maximum and minimum inlet pressure for the valve.

5) Select the correct connection according to the reserved location of the pipeline.

The final control of the pipe is the valve. If you have any questions regarding valve selection, please contact us.ZFV will give you the most professional advice and the most suitable choice.

Our advancement depends over the highly developed devices, excellent talents and continually strengthened technology forces for Wcb/CF8 CF8m/CF3/CF3m API 150lb, 300lb, 600lb Two Offset /Double Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valves Motorized. We persist in openness, tolerance, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and harmony. Better performance might be expected as our principle of integrity.


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